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Director’s Note

We are delighted to be sharing the creative genius of Dr. Seuss with the Trumbull community. The wheels of this production started turning just days after our win for Best Production at the 2016 Connecticut High School Musical Theatre Awards gala.

SEUSSICAL celebrates collaboration and imagination: two key ingredients of our successful and growing theatre program. The fanciful world you’ll see created for you on stage is the result of our students, alumni, parents, teachers, and mentors putting their heads together to see what comes out. Recognized in 2016 with the CHSMTA “Arts in Education Award,” our program is a testament to the amazing things that can come from teaching kids to work together and approach every project with a “Yes, and…” mindset.

It may seem prescient to have selected this musical for presentation in 2017. While we can’t claim any particular foresight, we couldn’t be more contented to have Dr. Seuss in our lives right now. These timeless characters, most of whom were created over 60 years ago, remind us with their kind words and deeds that “a person’s a person no matter how small”; in our production, we’ve brought Dr. Seuss’s world into 3-D and have drawn inspiration from current pop culture, but the sentiments are still relevant. Dr. Seuss challenges his readers with the encouragement to celebrate differences and individuality and to believe in the incredible power of one’s voice to change the world. These stories remind us to seek true friendship, to love one another, and, despite all obstacles, to persist. We hope that spending time in Dr. Seuss’s world with us brings you the courage to do all these things!

Photos from the Show